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Peterborough Diocese

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Founded: 1541
Parishes: 351
Churches: 383
Geography: Northamptonshire, except for one parish in the west in the diocese of Leicester; Rutland; Peterborough, except for an area in the south-east; one parish in Lincolnshire
Overseas Link Dioceses: Seoul (Korea)
Population: 910000
Area Square Miles: 1140
Full time Stipendiary Parochial Clergy: 148
Benefices: 134
Source: The Church of England Year Book. For more information visit the Diocese page on Crockford's here

The Diocese of Peterborough covers about 1200 square miles and includes the northern part of Peterborough, the whole of Northamptonshire and Rutland.

The remainder of Peterborough falls within the Diocese of Ely, but since November 2011 Bishop Donald has been given authority to speak on behalf of all Anglican Christians in the City of Peterborough.

The Diocese of Peterborough is home to some 800,000 people and is designated as an area for considerable housing development and population growth.

Like most dioceses in the Church of England, we have links with overseas Anglican dioceses. Our link with the Diocese of Bungoma, in the Anglican Church of Kenya, was established over ten years ago and we are in the process of developing a link with the Diocese of Seoul in the Anglican Church of Korea.

Who we are

Within the Diocese there are approximately:

  • 19,600 people (of all ages) attending 350 or so parish churches in the diocese each week (2009 figures).
  • 190 parish clergy, both stipendiary and self-supporting (unpaid), including curates.
  • 140 Readers
  • 70 Lay Pastoral Ministers
  • 23 Licensed Evangelists
  • 103 Church Schools