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The Church Times Jobs Solution

Advertise in print AND online. With a unique until filled promise.

That is still undoubtedly the best way to reach all your potential applicants and with our GOLDEN GUARANTEE we can promise you every chance to reach the right person.

Advertise with the Church Times and your vacancy will appear:

  • In print - 50,000 readers a week
  • Online at - 40,000 visitors a week
  • On our dedicated jobs portal, - 4,800 visitors a week 
  • In the Church Times app 

We also send your vacancy to matching job seekers via email alerts.

Advertise for one week, two weeks, or choose our Until Filled package. All job adverts appear first in print. It is the printed advert that determines the cost of your advertising. This is based on a cost per column centimetre. 

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The ads team is available to discuss your advert from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Call: 020 7776 1010

Use the online job posting form

The Church Times semi-automated system will allow you to start the vacancy process at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world. It does not automatically post your vacancy. We will approve your advert to make that happen.

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Until Filled - our guarantee for hard-to-fill vacancies

You pay for two weeks advertising, and add a 20% premium for the Until Filled guarantee. We will continue to advertise your vacancy as often as you want us to - at not extra cost - until you fill it or get tired of trying.

Until Filled terms and conditions

This is a unique offer from the Church Times which has certain specific terms and condition in addition to and over and above our general terms.

The premium package must be booked in advance of publication. It applies only to vacancies that are advertised for a minimum of four issues.

On payment of the premium (or a promise to pay the premium) at the time of publication, the Church Times GUARANTEES to republish the same advertisement as many times as the advertiser wishes. The advertiser has three months after publication to decide whether the initial four advertisements have been successful. If he or she has not contacted the Advertisement Department within that time, the 'Until Filled' offer will lapse.

If the advertiser wishes to re-advertise the post for any reason within that period, they must contact the Advertisement Department before 10am on the Monday (or in the event of a bank holiday, the Tuesday) of the week in which republication is required. The paper will then republish the advertisement, both in print and online, for a further week. And each week thereafter on request.

The facility to re-advertise in any three month period remains valid from the last date of insertion, during which, once again, the advertiser may ask for the advertisement to be repeated. If no contact is made within the final three months, the 'Until Filled' offer lapses. This process can be repeated until the advertiser is satisfied.

Verbal instructions by telephone and written requests by email, fax or post will be accepted, providing deadlines are adhered to.

Copy in the advertisement cannot be altered except to change the closing date for applications and any other related dates, such as inter­views etc.

In the case of multiple job adverts (i.e. where more than one vacancy is listed), an instruction to republish the whole advertisement will be accepted provided not fewer than half the listed vacancies are still open. Strike-through of filled posts may be possible but remakes of layout or copy cannot be accepted. In such circumstances we strongly recommend a new job-specific post is paid for and placed accordingly.

Only advertisements that are job-specific will qualify for 'Until Filled'. Composites and advertising that is generic or general in terminology will not be accepted. Simple multiple job listings do not qualify.

The offer is intended to improve the chances of filling a specific vacancy. The term GUARANTEE applies only to the promise to republish the advertisement. It does not guarantee to fill the vacancy.

The above conditions notwithstanding, the paper reserves the right to refuse any advertising without giving any reason and to withdraw any advertisement at any time with­out explanation.


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Advertise with the Church Times and get one step closer to finding the perfect candidate.

Volunteer roles and selected parish jobs are free to post.

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